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The Coffee Chronicles: Unfolding Our Coffee Love Story

owners of whittle bird coffee

We are natural-born entrepreneurs, and one of our earliest ventures was an auto detailing shop in Branson, Missouri. Surprisingly, our coffee journey began here as well. It was a sweltering summer, and we were working outside, trying to manage our auto detailing business and look after our three young children. The heat was unbearable, and our kids were cranky, so we decided to take a break and head to a small drive through coffee shop down the street called "Habbys." Neither of us were coffee enthusiasts or had ever really even had it before. We both ordered a cold, creamy coffee beverage that I can't recall the name of, but once we had a sip, we were hooked! Fortunately, they had caffeine-free alternatives for the children, or it could have been the end of our coffee love story. Although we no longer drink coffee this way, that little coffee shop holds a special place in our hearts. It's probably a small part of the bigger picture of why we started Whittle Bird Coffee.

Since then, our coffee and lives have changed quite a bit. We are now Nonnie and Poppy to 14 grandchildren! We have lived in multiple states, started and ended several businesses, and traveled all over the US while living in a camper (yes, our marriage actually survived that!). Our coffee story has evolved from that first taste at Habby’s to a popular chain drink (we won't name any names, but it rhymes with charbucks,) that we enjoyed before church on Sundays, to our first home espresso machine, and finally, the opening of our cupcake and coffee shop in 2010.

We are proud of our journey and thrilled to continue growing Whittle Bird Coffee. We invite you to journey alongside us as we share our passion for coffee, food, and everything in between!

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