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Notice of temporary closing

We will be closing our Dover Foxcroft Pop-up location for awhile to spend time with family

Looking forward to seeing these sweet faces soon!

We want to inform everyone that our pop-up shop will temporarily close after this week. We are traveling to North Carolina to be with our family and do not have a set reopening date yet. Many of you know that our daughter Madison and son-in-law Blake are expecting their fourth son, Issac Blake due on March 31st. Early in the pregnancy, he was "unofficially" diagnosed with Trisomy 18, a genetic disorder caused by an extra copy of the No. 18 chromosome, leading to severe developmental issues. Due to the presence of several life-threatening medical problems, many babies with trisomy 18 die before birth or within their first month. Five to 10 percent of children with this condition live past their first year  Many doctors recommend terminating the pregnancy and even label them as "incompatible with life". Our daughter and son-in-law have chosen to embrace his life, regardless of the challenges. We have been praying, preparing, and holding onto the belief that every life has a purpose. Baby Issac is already dearly loved by all of us, no matter what the future holds. Despite the uncertainties, our family remains hopeful, cherishing every moment with Baby Issac.

My favorite blog is authored by Shaye Elliott. I have two of her cookbooks and always find joy in reading her Instagram posts. Shortly after we learned about Issac, I opened an email I had saved for later and found that she had beautifully articulated what I was struggling to express in a time that has been so hard to make sense of. 

“To invite people and new life into our world is to invite inevitable loss, chaos, and heartbreak. Choosing to add life (be it friends, children, gardens, or puppies) means choosing the messiest, stinkiest, most frustrating, most heartbreaking BEAUTY and BLESSING you could ever ask for.” -Shaye Elliott 

It's simple to build emotional barriers to shield ourselves from pain, but opening up to love, especially in challenging circumstances, requires great courage. I deeply admire our daughter and son-in-law for opting for a path that may not be the easiest, for choosing to love despite the possibility of heartbreak.

While we will miss serving our community with coffee and pastries, family comes first. We appreciate the support, prayers, and offers to look after our home during our absence. The kindness we experience daily in Maine strengthens our love for this place. Updates will be shared when possible, and we look forward to returning with a fresh Spring menu in the future.

Whittle Bird Cupcake with Natural Dye Free sprinkles ☘️

☘️ On another note...

We will be open the rest of the week, Wednesday -Friday 7am-2pm & Saturday 8am-12pm. We have a really fun menu in anticipation of St. Patrick's Day! Stay tuned for a special drink available on Friday and Saturday... more details coming soon! Don't forget to visit us for weekend pre-orders!

Thank you and have a wonderful rest of your week 🙂 -Missy

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