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Bursting with Fragrant Lemon Zest, Figs and Ginger!  This flavor is the perfect balance of sweetness and crunch, with a delightful lemon zest aroma and a touch of candied ginger and figs. The biscotti is glazed with a salted honey before baking for an extra special treat!

Every 8oz bag contains around six biscotti, ideal for couples or individuals.


Please note: As each of our biscotti is handmade, sizes may vary a little, but all will weigh at least the specified amount. Keep your biscotti fresh and delicious for up to six weeks by storing them in an airtight container or in their original unopened packaging.

Lemon Fig + Ginger Biscotti

  • Our biscotti are baked with freshly milled flour, organic ingredients, nuts, fruits and the finest chocolate. They have no preservatives, trans-fats, artificial flavors or GMO ingredients. Each unique flavor of biscotti is lovingly prepared by hand in small batches and baked twice in the historic Italian tradition. Biscotti are great alone, or as the perfect dipping companion to a steaming cup of coffee or tea in the morning, or with a cold glass of milk for an evening snack.


    *All of our products contain: Nuts, wheat, dairy and eggs

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