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Indulge in the Sweetness of Handcrafted Vanilla Marshmallows

There is simply nothing that compares to the mouth-watering taste of a soft, pillowy marshmallow.

handmade marshmallows

At Whittle Bird Coffee, our marshmallows – second only to our coffee – are quickly gaining popularity among our customers. Let me tell you a little about these delicious treats and what makes them so special. In this behind-the-scenes post, we'll dive into the process of creating our fluffy treats.

★★★★★ Amazing soft marshmallows that melt in your mouth. I bought some for the kids to put in their stockings but I keep eating them! They taste like sugary clouds! Literally the best marshmallow I've ever had. I also love that they are made with quality materials! Worth every penny! Will be buying again. I also loved the beautiful black box with tissue paper, the sticker and the complimentary biscotti. Presentation was beautiful.
– Jackson Dec 14, 2023

What makes our marshmallows stand out from the perfectly shaped clouds of sugar that you can find at your local supermarket? Let's begin with the ingredients. Take a look at the screenshot below that displays the typical marshmallow ingredients. What do these ingredients mean? This is the question I asked myself when I first started reading the back of processed foods years ago. Why would a white marshmallow need blue #1, or ingredients you can not even pronounce for that matter?

Our small batch marshmallows in production!

The Ingredients in a Whittle Bird Marshmallow

Pronounceable and nutritious!

  • Organic unrefined pure cane sugar

  • grass fed beef gelatin

  • Maine Filtered Well Water

  • Pure Madagascar Vanilla

  • Sea Salt

Exploring our Ingredients - Nothing to Hide!

We take pride in our food, and that's why we're not afraid to share what goes into each ingredient. Here's a little more about what we use.

  1. Florida Crystals Organic Unrefined pure cane sugar- Since 1850, Florida Crystals has remained dedicated to sustainability, tradition, and passion for high quality. Staying committed to the same processes the Fanjul family started milling with over 150 years ago, they have had time to perfect sugar-making and produce the very best sugar available on the market today. With sugarcane grown 100% on American soil and milled by small family farmers, Florida Crystals products are always minimally processed, free of pesticides and herbicides, and non-GMO Project verified.

  2. Zint Grass Fed Beef Gelatin- Zint Gelatin is derived from 100% pure, non-GMO, kosher-certified, grass-fed bovine hides. The natural raw materials are purified and extracted in a way that preserves its vital amino acid profiles, including arginine, glutamine, glycine and proline. Gelatin is a nutritionally rich and complete form of collagen that helps restore and invigorate healthy skin, hair, teeth, nails, joints, digestion and hormonal balance.

  3. Maine Filtered Well Water- The importance of water quality in food production (much like coffee) is often overlooked. While it's not technically a requirement to list water as an ingredient, we understand its significance and choose to include it. Our certified kitchen uses well water from Maine that undergoes a 3-stage filtration process, resulting in some of the best tasting water you'll ever have!

  4. Pure Madagascar Vanilla- Nothing but pure, organic vanilla extracted from premium Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans (Vanilla planifolia), with organic alcohol as the extracting agent and flavor carrier, and a little water as the liquid base. This is REAL vanilla. No GMOs. No sugar. No fake color. No fake flavor.

  5. Sea Salt- Redmond Real salt is our salt of choice in the Whittle Bird Kitchen. Real Salt is unrefined, ancient sea salt exactly as nature made it. It contains 60+ naturally-occurring trace minerals, and it’s never processed or chemically treated.

small batch marshmallow in production

The Drawbacks of Utilizing All-Natural Ingredients

While using all-natural ingredients has its benefits, there are some downsides to consider. One downside is a shorter shelf life. We recommend for best results you consume this within 1 month. Additionally, since we don't use corn syrup in our marshmallows, you may start to notice sugar crystals after some time. This is perfectly normal and does not affect the quality of your hot chocolate or s'mores experience.

Our Commitment to Quality:

Why You Won't Find Our Products on Store Shelves

In the Whittle Bird Kitchen, we take great pride in producing our goods in small quantities. We have no plans to change this approach, as it allows us to maintain our high standards. Our marshmallows are hand-cut, which means they may look different from the uniform shapes and sizes of store-bought brands. However, we're proud of these quirks, as they make our marshmallows uniquely and perfectly imperfect!

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