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Fresh espresso being brewed

Our coffee

Crafted with Passion

At Whittle Bird Coffee, we believe that every cup of coffee should be savored. That's why we focus on using only the highest quality coffee beans and taking the time to craft each cup with care. Our mobile coffee trailer is perfect for weddings, festivals, events, and more. We are passionate about the art of coffee and invite you to slow down and enjoy each and every sip."Savor the craftsmanship of Artisan Coffee and Espresso, crafted with passion and knowledge."

"The Whittle Bird"

The story behind

The Whittle Bird is a  precious reminder of the past.

This bird was hand-carved by my grandfather, and it's the inspiration behind our name, "Whittle Bird." It's one of the few things I have left from him, serving as a reminder of a simpler time when families and friends would gather on the porch to enjoy each other's company. Nowadays, everyone is in a rush to speed things up, but we're the opposite. We want to slow down and appreciate not just our coffee, but every moment of our lives.

 - Chris Wallace 

The actual wooden whittle bird that our company was named after
coffee beans before they are roasted


Why Ethical Coffee Matters

At Whittle Bird Coffee, we are committed to ethical and sustainable coffee practices. We believe that it's important to care for the environment and the communities that produce our coffee beans. That's why we work with suppliers who share our values and take steps to ensure that our coffee is produced in a responsible and sustainable way.

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